There Are Over 11,000 Stupid Votes in El Paso

There are 11,143 people in El Paso that should never be allowed to vote again. As in never. Their voter credentials need to be taken away from them and a list should be created of people who should never be allowed to vote in any election, ever again, including dog catcher elections. And, I mean never. These people cannot be trusted with a ballot. It is just too dangerous for them to wield a vote. It is dangerous for the country. It is dangerous for the community and they are a danger to themselves. Who are these people?

I wish I could tell you, but because of the voter laws prohibiting us from knowing how someone voted, we will never know. They’re so stupid, they probably don’t even know they so stupidly voted. What we do know is that there are 11,143 of them. Out of 46,752 votes cast, 23.83% of the voters are too stupid to be trusted with a vote, ever!

As you likely know, four contenders ran for the judge of the 243rd Judicial District. They are, in order of ballot, Selena Solis, Feliciano Felix Castañón, Roberto J. Ramos and Luis Aguilar. Yup, that Luis Aguilar that has been reprimanded not once, but twice for his reprehensible conduct in the court room to include several sexual harassment allegations. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Luis Aguilar went to the news media, and the news media willingly spread the word, telling voters not vote for him. That’s right, Luis Aguilar told voters NOT TO VOTE FOR HIM!


What did 11,143 mental midgets do? They voted for him.

That, my friends, is the sad state of affairs in El Paso politics.

An individual that is publicly reprimanded for his conduct in the court room and who tells voters not vote for him is now in a run-off against Selena Solis because 11,143 voters are too stupid to be trusted with the sanctity of casting a vote on Election Day.

I’ll let you chew on that today and on the fact that if 11,143 voters were ejected from the ballot boxes, for stupidity, then Veronica Escobar would be facing a runoff today. Think about that for a moment.

However, dear El Pasoans, it gets much worse, tomorrow I’ll share with you the story of how a self-proclaimed “campaign consultant guru” got his ass handed to him by a couple who’s only answer to the question about their strategy to win was pointing to the sky and proclaiming God was looking out for them.

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  1. The Najeras are worse then John John Chatman, they are part of a biker gang Los Bandidos. They lie steal and cheat in Gods Name. Go ahead and hand up someone’s ass as your blog says but get all of your facts in order first.


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