Symbology and Donald Trump

The War on Immigrants started by Donald Trump has come down to one symbol – The Wall. As I have written various times before, The Wall symbolizes Donald Trump’s politics of hate. As some pundits have suggested, Donald Trump is about symbols. He builds hulking buildings and puts his name on them. Apparently, he believes that the buildings are a testament to his success, the more monstrous the better.

So is The Wall. The Wall is how the Donald Trump administration has been defined – a failure.

That is why Donald Trump is on a tirade, he fully understands that without The Wall he will be forever known as a failure. I do not stand alone in this belief. Just look at the tirade that Ann Coulter has been on since it became evident that there will be no wall. Coulter is now a “Former Trumper.” As you likely know, this is no small thing in that Ann Coulter represents the extreme right politics of the GOP. Coulter is their voice and as such she has unequivocally called Trump a loser.

The power of symbology hasn’t been lost either in México, in immigrants or among Latinos.

Just look at the immigrant caravan heading towards the U.S. border from southern México.

The caravan is poignantly pointing out Trump’s failures as a man and as the leader of the United States.

México is also sending a clear message to Donald Trump, it takes cooperation from both sides. By allowing the caravan to transit México, the Mexican government is putting Trump on notice that he needs to stop demonizing Mexicans if he wants cooperation. However far the caravan makes it does not matter as the message was clearly delivered.

But what is worse for Donald Trump is that The Wall is not a Latino/Hispanic or immigrant issue only, it is an American issue as well. Some of you have bought into the fake news of the support for The Wall, but the fact remains that Congress represents the will of the people of the United States. Since only citizens can vote, Congress represents the will of the voters of the country.

Notwithstanding that the Congress is controlled by Republicans, Trump’s party, money for The Wall is poignantly excluded from the funding bill. No matter how Trump supporters want to spin that little inconvenient fact, the fact remains that the voters of the United States unequivocally told Donald Trump, no pinche wall.

It’s all about symbology. The Wall proves the failure that is the Donald Trump Wall.