The Divided States of America

There is no question that the United States is a divided country. Tribalism and party politics exists in all nations and has existed in the United States since the country was founded. From the moment that Donald Trump took on the Republican Party, the country split into two major factions, the Trumpsters and those who oppose Donald Trump. Although there are other minor factions, the Trump divide is the biggest of all. It is easy to blame it all on Donald Trump but that ignores the fundamental problem that divides the country, politics intent on self-gratification instead of a government of the people and for the people.

I oppose the Donald Trump administration for one simple reason, his unnecessary hatred of Mexicans. For many of you that makes me a “liberal,” a “Democrat” or part if the “swamp.” A few of you even believe that I’m part of the “deep state.” Even though I’ve been clear why I oppose Trump on many occasions, most readers – those for and those opposed to Trump – label me as one of the above.

The fact is that I’m neither. I oppose Trump because of what he has called Mexicans, like me, and what he has attempted to do to México.

Notwithstanding that, I blame the Republican and Democrat parties equally for Donald Trump. I blame partisan politics and tribalism for Donald Trump. All are equally responsible for Donald Trump.

The Republican Party allowed itself to be hoodwinked by Trump. They allowed Donald Trump to subvert the party and continue to allow him to destroy the party each day he remains in office. The Republicans would rather quit the party – like Paul Ryan – rather than to deal with the problem. But stop blaming the Republicans exclusively for this mess because the Democrat Party played a significant part in the fiasco, as well.

Too many in the Democrat Party were too enamored with the idea of the first woman president that they ignored the fact that Hillary Clinton was the worst presidential candidate possible. The Clinton’s have a history of controversy surrounding them. Many voters just could not stomach Hillary Clinton and thus Trump was the one elected.

For many voters, Trump was the lesser of two evils.

For this fundamental reason, the extreme Far-right was empowered and thus the country is now significantly divided.

Thus, as much as the left tries to put the blame on Trump and on the Republican Party, the blame lays equally on both parties.

The Republicans are to blame because they allowed themselves to be taken over by a fringe minority intent in taking America back to when a small minority dictated the direction the country took.

But, the Democrats are just as guilty for allowing themselves to be led by the notion that a woman must be elected president, regardless of the candidate that was in the running. That is not to say that a woman should not be elected, but rather that a qualified woman must be elected. Hillary Clinton was not that woman and never will be.

Thus, today the country is divided because a fringe minority took over the Republicans and another party was led by the idea that they wanted to be the first party to have a woman president, regardless of how unqualified the woman was, as long as she was a woman.

Ultimately, though, the division in the country must be blamed on the voters who allowed both parties to degenerate into partisan and tribal politics.

Jame Comey is correct when he argues that impeachment allows the voters the opportunity to take responsibility for their votes. It is the voters that must rectify the Donald Trump problem they created.