For Once Donald Trump Made Sense and People Were Horrified

Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign by demonizing Mexicans. Trump promised to build a wall from shining sea to shining sea to keep Mexicans, and other immigrants out of America. Trump promised to deport everyone that didn’t fit his neat little profile of an American. In other words, Donald Trump reached out the lowest of the lowest in America. His accomplishments so far is that there is no money for The Wall. But, guess what? Now Trump wants to issue work permits to immigrants.

Most Mexican immigrants have always wanted one thing and that is the ability to work in the United States. Most Mexican immigrants, notwithstanding the false narratives pushed forth by the anti-immigrants, want to come to America to work and return to México once they’ve made enough money.

That is it, come to work and go back to México.

But in America, a simple solution is not possible because Americans are divided between cheap food and consumables and large paychecks. Americans want their cake and eat it to. Lost in the rhetoric between the labor unions demanding better wages and the consumers complaining about high prices are the numerous immigrants toiling away on the farm fields and serving dishes or cleaning up after people in hotels and in restaurants.

The fight between wages and cheap goods uses immigrants as fodder.

Donald Trump empowered the racists and the anti-immigrants into demonizing immigrants as a danger to America. It took the debate way from wages and turned it into a debate over the danger that immigrants pose for the country. The reality is that it has turned the immigrant debate into something it is not and thus has pushed back immigration reform further into the dark shadows of issues politicians do not want to address.

Fortunately for us, the truth always prevails no matter how demonizing the minority gets.

The antagonist of immigrants, Donald Trump has finally recognized that immigrants play a vital role in America’s success. Quietly – because Trump knows that the monsters he awakened will surely come to bite him – has floated the idea of documenting immigrant labor.

On April 28 during a speech in Washington, Michigan, just down the street from Detroit, Donald Trump told the crowd that he was going to allow guest workers to come to America.

Trump told the crowd:

“We need people to be able to come into our country, do your jobs, help you on the farms, and then they go out, they’re going to leave,” adding “Guest workers, we’re going to take care of that. Guest workers. Don’t we agree? We have to have them. We have to have them.”

The crowd was shocked to hear their champion tell the truth for once. When Trump said he was going to build the wall, you know the one that Congress won’t fund, they cheered wildly. But when Trump told them the reality, that America needs immigrant labor, they were quiet.

Therein lies the lie about immigration in America. The left wants high wages and thus pretends that they want immigration reform up until it is time to vote and the right likes immigrants in the shadows because it keeps them working while they demonize them for political purposes.

That is the truth about immigration in America.

On one hand immigrants make America great and on the other they are the perfect scapegoats to keep the politics of hate moving along.

For once Donald Trump made sense and people were horrified.