The Trump About Face

As many of you likely know, Donald Trump issued an Executive Order late Wednesday ordering that immigrant children should remain with their parents. Why did Trump backtrack? Because his own party and his daughter and wife admonished him for terrorizing children. The sudden change of heart says a lot about the failure that is the Donald Trump administration.

It starts with Donald Trump insistence that only Congress can change the law. When challenged about the separation of children from their parents, Donald Trump kept insisting that it was required under the law. Trump argued that only Congress could change the law, and thus the imagery of terrorized children lay at the feet of Congress.

But, and as proven by Donald Trump’s Executive Order ending the practice, the separation of the children at the border was Trump’s to begin with. Trump not only had the authority to immediately end the practice, but Trump also initiated the practice through his administration’s attempt to make a political point about border security.

Donald Trump, through his Homeland Security and Jeff Sessions, launched the “zero tolerance” policy on immigrants. It was designed to discourage undocumented immigrants from attempting to enter the country. To do so, the Trump administration terrorized children to make their political point. In other words, children were terrorized by Donald Trump for political purposes.

However, Trump did not count of his own party loyalists turning on him. Donald Trump frequently doubles down on controversial issues, insisting that it is part of his “negotiating style.” But in this case, not only were most people outraged by the evil of using children as political pawns, but Trump’s own party, the Republicans, rebelled against him.

In the end, Donald Trump backtracked and admitted defeat.

Under his Executive Order, the Trump administration is saying that children will no longer be separated from their parents.

But to fully understand the evilness of the whole thing, just look at the dysfunctional bureaucracy now trying to figure out how to deal with the law that requires children to be released within 20 days and how to reunite 2,000 or more children back with their parents.

Two thousand children are now terrorized because Donald Trump tried to make a political statement through them. That is evil.