The Trump Baby

There is much I’ve been wanting to write about regarding this week’s events and Donald Trump but, sadly, I’m overwhelmed. I honestly can’t understand how controversy has become so common place in America. Politics is always controversial so I’m not writing about the controversy of politics. But, rather the controversy of hatred and how clearly Donald Trump is unwelcome in England, or most places, except, maybe Russia.

Almost everyone has heard about the “special relationship” England and the United States have. Rather, had. When a giant balloon in diapers depicting the president of the United States is flown over London during Trump’s visit, it says a lot about what people really think about Trump and his politics of hatred. England and the United States have historically shared many ideals over the years and when there was discord among them, diplomacy and decorum was used to display each other’s displeasure.

As such, the giant Trump Baby balloon says a lot about where America is today, even though some will try to spin it as nothing.

The fact is that a giant balloon depicting the president of the United States as a spoiled child carries with it the reality that the United States has lost standing even with its strongest ally.

I’ll let you all ponder that for a while.

In the meantime, here’s SCOTUS cartoon for your enjoyment, courtesy of Cagle Cartoons.