America Is No More

What transpired yesterday in regard to the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford controversy proves that the America that everyone knew is no more. America used to stand as the world leader on how Democracy and the rule of law is supposed to work. Now, America is just another banana republic where political necessity puts decency as an afterthought.

The only thing the whole fiasco was about was to get five or six Republicans to stay in the party’s tribe to get Kavanaugh voted unto the Supreme Court.

The truth and the character of the individuals didn’t matter.

As a matter of fact, the party politics is the only thing that mattered in yesterday’s circus.

The Democrats want to keep the appointment open in case they gain control of the Senate.

The Republicans want Brett Kavanaugh on the bench at whatever cost.

Enabling them are special interest groups lobbying and spending large amounts of money for control of the Supreme Court. Decency, truth and Democracy be damned was the result.

Who is to blame for this sad state of affairs?

Everyone that had a hand on this fiasco.

But the reason we are now here is because of Donald Trump.

Trump is a proven serial liar. Trump is a proven womanizer.

That is now the acceptable standard for America.

This what America has become.

But, the saddest and most poignant thing is that no one, not one individual on the committee challenged the veracity of the accuser; Christine Blasey Ford.

Obviously Brett Kavanaugh denies all the allegations.

How is it possible that two people on opposite sides of the debate be right? If Christine Blasey Ford was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh – remember she testified she was positive it was Brett Kavanaugh – then how can Kavanaugh be also correct in his denial?

It just makes no sense at all!