Five Reasons American Elections Are A Joke

It is clear that American elections are a national joke. Some readers will be taken aback by this statement, but it is the unfortunate reality. Here is why:

1. The Electoral College: America prides itself with the fiction that it is a representative form of government where every vote counts. If so, how does one reconcile the sad reality that the current president did not win the popular vote but because of mathematical shenanigans is sitting at the White House today?

2. Campaign Money: How can the everyday American be represented when dark money is allowed to influence the perception of issues and candidates?

3. Lies, lies and more lies. The American electorate doesn’t vote based on facts. They vote on glossy advertisements, false promises and fake news.

4. Russia: The Russians keep interfering in the elections and almost half of the country doesn’t think it is true.

5. Florida Recount: Need I say more?