The Last Trump Wall Battle

Donald Trump is mired in controversy this week as there are court documents alleging that Trump, himself, committed crimes. This is not surprising to those of us who see Trump as the worst of America. As if that wasn’t bad enough for the Trump Administration, his chief of staff, John Kelly is giving up on bringing structure to the chaotic White House in a few weeks. But it gets worse for Donald Trump, the Democrats gain control of the House on January 3rd.

Lost in the busy week is the talk about the southern border wall – Trump’s signature symbol of hate. The wall is rearing up its ugly head again. It’s the last gasp for those believing that a wall solves the country’s problems. Funding for the wall was expected to be debated again in Congress as several funding bills needed to be adopted by Friday, December 7th.

However, on Thursday, Congress approved a two-week funding extension pushing the funding deadline until December 21. Donald Trump signed the stopgap measure on Friday.

Between now and December 21, Donald Trump will attempt to demand funding for his wall of hate. Trump now says he will settle for $5 billion to start the wall. But like before, the Republican-held Congress does not seem too keen on funding Trump’s wall. Trump has threatened to shut down the government if he does not get his way on the wall.

This is Trump’s last chance to get funding for damn wall. After January 3rd, the House will be controlled by the Democrats and it is unlikely the Democrats would support the wall funding.

Stranger things have happened, but it remains unlikely the Democrats would support wall funding because it would give Donald Trump a much-needed boost among his constituency and that is the last thing the Democrats want.

If I were to place a bet on the wall, my bet would be that the pinche wall will not be funded.

That’s a good thing for all Americans.

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  1. The wall doesn’t have a chance of getting funded except as an emergency executive order by Trump. But you are wrong about one thing: it can solve the illegal invasion of our country at its southern border. We should hire the Israelis to build it because I’ve seen their wall and it works.


  2. So history will not log el trompas’ big, ‘beautiful wall’ in the list of wonders. Very sad. The Taj Mahal is listed, something truly beautiful, built out of love, built by a Muslim.

    Hasta la Cultros! is pulling her golden locks. I say, set him in the oval romper room with all the Legos he wants and he’ll build y’all his pinche wall of hate and then some.

    Unfortunately he did a lot of damage with the hate he unleashed; it will be with us long after he is out of office. I will never forgive him for the fear he instilled, especially in the little brown brothers/sisters. Goddamn el gran m****a!


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