The Wall of Hate is Dead

From the moment that Donald Trump called Mexicans “rapists,” I have been opposed to him and his presidency. It comes down to that simple thing. I saw The Wall as nothing more than a symbol of hate. The hate of Mexicans and other brown people.

The political rhetoric has worked overtime trying to persuade me and others that The Wall is about border security. They argue that The Wall is needed to protect America. That is the feel-good argument, but the reality is much different than that and the proof is in the government shutdown.

First, everyone, including me, immigrants and American citizens, including the “progressives” and the Democrats want border security. No one, and absolutely no one wants another 9/11. Almost all of us believe that drugs are a scourge on society and want to see them controlled.

Clearly, all of us, including those who demand a wall want border security.

The difference, though, is that those who are demanding The Wall have taken border security and added “brown people” as the danger to American values.

Proof lies in the inconvenient fact that America is paralyzed because Donald Trump is demanding $5 billion in funding for The Wall. This is even though both Houses of Congress are controlled by the Republicans, Trump’s political party.

Think about that for a moment, today both houses of Congress are in Republican hands.

The House added wall funding to the bill, but the Senate does not have the votes to adopt the funding, even though the Republicans control it through January 2, 2019. As part of the spin, Trump’s supporters argue that it is the Democrats that holding up the funding because the Senate needs 60 votes to adopt the funding.

But here is the lie, the Republicans control the Senate and although they do not have the 60 votes, they do have the majority. Mitch McConnell, a Republican, can simply change the Senate’s rules to allow the adoption of the budget through a simple majority, which the Republicans have.

But McConnell hasn’t done that. Why?

The fact is that there are not enough Republicans to support funding for The Wall.

You see, even among the Republicans, the Wall of Hate is clearly understood.

Today, there are only eight days left for wall funding to be possible. Starting on January 3 rd, the Democrats take control of the House.

Because there are many decent Americans who see the wall for what it is, it is my belief that The Wall of Hate will die on January 3rd.

I am counting the days.