Stop Blaming Immigrants for the Wall

“It’s an invasion!” “Americans want border security!” The wall “is immoral.” The immigration rhetoric is on overdrive. The political debate is being driven by The Wall all over the country. But lost in all the noise is an uncomfortable truth. Immigrants have nothing to do with The Wall!

Here is the very uncomfortable truth behind the government shutdown rhetoric. American citizens are the only ones that have a say.

The Congressional delegation is all made up of American citizens.

It is American citizens that are against The Wall!

The United States is a representative form of government where the Congress represents the will of the people, i.e. the American citizens. The 116th Congress was recently elected, as such, it can easily be argued that they represent the will of the people.

Except for the fact that the Mexican people have unequivocally stated from the very moment that Donald Trump said, “Mexico will pay for the wall,” that Mexican will not pay for The Wall, Mexicans and immigrants have nothing to do with The Wall.


Because only U.S. citizens can make the laws that has caused the government shutdown.

That is the inconvenient truth lost in the debate.

The Wall funding debacle is an American debate. It is a national debate where the majority do not want a wall.

It is as simple as that.