State of the Wall

Tonight is the State of the Union, but it should be renamed to the State of The Wall. It is now official; the Trump presidency will be defined by The Wall.

It is hard to tell what Donald Trump is going to say tonight. I don’t believe that Trump, himself, even knows. But the one topic sure to dominate tonight is going to be The Wall.

It is my belief that Donald Trump launched his presidency using The Wall as his signature item simply because The Wall rhetoric would make splashy headlines for his campaign. I do not believe much thought went into Trump’s call for The Wall, at first.

But the xenophobes chomping at the bit, such as Stephen Miller and Ann Coulter, bought into the Trump rhetoric and mobilized to make it the public policy of Trump’s administration. As the campaign went along, Trump bought into the “Mexico will pay” for the wall chants and allowed Miller to dictate the public policy for immigration and U.S.-México relations. Ann Coulter put Trump in the predicament he finds himself in today.

Other Republican cohorts, like Sean Hannity really didn’t care about The Wall initially, until they saw it as an opportunity to put someone – Trump – into office that could push along the conservative wish lists of conservative judges and other conservative issues.

But The Wall wouldn’t die so now it has become the single defining moment of Trump’s presidency.

The Trump presidency succeeds or fails on The Wall.

Ann Coulter has said as much. A wall get’s Donald Trump the accolades from the far-Right. No wall guarantees Donald Trump isn’t reelected for a second term.

There is no middle ground. Either Trump delivers on The Wall or he fails leading to a lame-duck presidency for the rest of his first term.

Tonight’s State of the Union will be about The Wall.