Trump Going to El Paso, Will El Paso Disappoint?

Donald Trump is going to hold a rally in El Paso next Monday. There are so many things I could write about this, some of which would get me in trouble with you guys. But I’ll do my best to focus on the obvious things. Remember that the fence, which Trump calls a wall, although authorized in 2006, wasn’t built until 2008.

Let’s start with the fact that El Paso is a Democrat stronghold in the red state of Texas. Although the administration has labeled the event a “rally” I’m not sure what that will mean in terms of turn out. Trump will likely be insulated at Biggs Base with active duty army personnel prohibited from showing any emotion for Trump, other than accolades of MAGA hats and chants. Trump will likely offer a speech from “The Wall,” which is the fence that has been there for years [2008] before Trump started with his signature wall speeches. The backdrop of the fence will make for nice optics for his call for The Wall.

As it is federal land, Trump will once again be insulated by government workers who cannot freely express themselves to Trump because of their fear of losing their jobs and funding.

All this comes on the heals of Trump calling El Paso one of the “nation’s most dangerous cities” that suddenly became “one of our safest cities,” because of the make-believe wall that is really a fence.

For those keeping track, Representative Veronica Escobar, who represents El Paso, does not support the Trump wall and is unlikely to attend the event. Potential presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke, has said he does not support Trump’s hateful rhetoric. It’ll be interesting how they respond to Trump’s visit.

Most El Paso politicos proclaim themselves to be Democrats. I expect Dee Margo will be kissing Trump’s ass during the visit. It’ll be interesting to see how many more El Paso politicos trip over themselves to get the Trump photo-op – aka – ass kissing session.

But what will be most interesting to watch will be the extent of the demonstration in opposition to Trump and his wall that shows up on Monday. Obviously, it will be interesting to see how many Trump supporters show up to support The Wall.

Remember that Trump loves to showcase bigly crowds at his rallies. He’s probably hoping to prove America wants The Wall by the “hugely” crowd chanting “build the wall” he hopes shows up to his El Paso event.

I’ll be interested to see who shows up chanting the MAGA chants.

Will El Paso stand for decency?

Or, will El Paso show its true colors and show up en masse to scream, “build the wall”.

I guess will soon see.