Donald Trump Threw Another Tantrum Because of Nancy Pelosi

Many voters were hoping to “Make America Great Again”. What they got instead is a president that throws temper tantrums when things do not go his way. Donald Trump has told the country that if the Democrats continue to investigate him, or his family, he will not work with them. That’s a child.

Politics is a constant fight between opponents. Sometimes the fights are civil and sometimes the fights lean towards outright violence. Through it all, it is the constituents that suffer as a result. It doesn’t matter if you voted for Trump and continue to support him, or if you are anti-Trump – the bottom line is that childishly Donald Trump decided that the country be damned, because he is not going to work with the Democrats.

Donald Trump is holding America hostage.

Donald Trump has decided that the American voters don’t matter.

Donald Trump has told his voters that if he doesn’t get his way he is not going to deliver on his promises.

Therein lies the underling driver in Trump’s latest tantrum, his inability to deliver on the promises he made to his “Make America Great Again” voters.

As America gets closer to the 2020 elections it is likely that Americans will witness more Donald Trump tantrums. That is, if Donald Trump survives an impeachment that seems to be getting closer each day.

The voters that voted for Donald Trump owe America a heartfelt apology for voting in a child.

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  1. What does fear look like? Why is the left accusing YOUR President Trump of what they are guilty of? Declas is here and so is Truth and Justice! Don’t leave town, Marteeny…you are complicit in this charade.


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