El Chapo To Be Sentenced Today

El Chapo Guzmán was found guilty of violating several federal charges related to drug trafficking on February 12. I followed the trial closely and on February 25, 2019 I published my book “Convicting Chapo: Naked and Afraid – the Trial to Convict El Chapo” on Amazon and a few days later on Barnes & Noble. My book offers the reader a close look at the courtroom drama that led to Chapo’s conviction.

El Chapo is expected to be sentenced to life in prison today. After sentencing he is expected to be transferred to a maximum-security prison, likely a Supermax. Earlier this month, El Chapo petitioned the court to be allowed greater freedom and to be allowed more bottled water. His request was denied because of the threat he may escape prison again.

If you want to get caught up on what transpired in the courtroom and the subsequent allegations of UFOs, witchcraft and child abuse, you should consider buying my book. I offer you the courtroom testimony, the courtroom exhibits and the shenanigans that were part of Chapo’s trial.

The book is available at Amazon either in paperback or digitally with prices starting at $8.99. Click this link to buy the book today.

Yes, that was a shameless plug I posted today.

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