For Trump It Is About Skin Color

For Donald Trump the immigration issue is not about saving U.S. jobs or keeping the country safe. Trump tells the voters that he is not a racist. Trump tells the American people that the border is in crisis. Trump tells the world that because Congress won’t do its job it is up to him to do it for them. That is what Donald Trump tells you.

What Donald Trump doesn’t wish to admit is that the underlining driver for his war on immigrants is skin color.

You see Donald Trump doesn’t have a problem with immigrants of certain skin colors. Just look at his wife, an immigrant who used chain migration to bring in her parents. Both of Trump’s immigrant wives are white, as in skin color white.

Because of his immigrant wives, Donald Trump is right, he is not against immigrants. What he won’t admit is that he just doesn’t want anymore immigrants that are not white.

We know this to be true because from the moment Donald Trump ran for office, he called Mexican immigrants “rapists”. One of Trump’s first official acts was to ban Muslim immigrants. Last weekend, Trump instilled fear in Latino communities by ordering ICE to mount removal operations. ICE routinely does this, but Trump announced it because he wants to instill fear in the immigrant communities.

Although Donald Trump doesn’t want to tell you that it is about skin color, his ongoing actions betrays this truth.

He told three sitting congresswomen to leave the country just this weekend. He has refused to apologize.

As congresswomen, all three ladies are U.S. citizens. As a matter of fact, two were born and raised in the U.S. The other lady is a naturalized citizen, just like Melania Trump.

As an immigrant I have been told to go back to my country so many times now that it doesn’t faze me at all. Some of the time it doesn’t even register in my consciousness.

But the use if the phrase, “go back to your country” has a clear connotation to it. It simply says that my kind isn’t wanted in the U.S. My kind being dark-skinned people.

The three congresswomen are U.S. citizens, as such this is their country.

When Donald Trump told them to go back to their country, he wasn’t telling them to go back to America – they are already here – he was telling them he doesn’t want their kind in the U.S.

Trump has tried to argue that because they “hate” America they need to leave. If anyone were to believe that rhetoric, then they also believe that anyone that criticizes the country has no place in the country. If so, then they must have forgotten that the country was founded on the ideal that to criticize the country’s leaders is to be free. Of course, that is assuming that to be free applies to all U.S. citizens regardless of their skin color.

Unfortunately, there are U.S citizens who don’t believe that Americans come in all sorts of skin colors. The Lost Cause of the Confederacy is the perfect example of this. The Daughters of the Confederacy clearly make this point. Of course, the Ku Klux Clan doesn’t even try to pretend it isn’t so.

But Donald Trump, being Trump tries to spin the truth. But no amount of spin will make the stench of racist Trump go away. Trump is a bigot and a racist, plain and simple.