Joe Biden Is Not A Friend To Immigrants

The last two Democrat presidential candidate debates have clearly proven that Joe Biden is not a friend to immigrants. U.S. voters who support immigrants and are considering voting for Biden should think about voting for someone else. The problem for Biden is that not only does he not have a clear understanding about the immigration issue but he was also part of an administration that deported more immigrants than even Donald Trump has.

The issue of immigration makes great talking points for candidates trying to contrast themselves from Donald Trump. Obviously the imagery of caged children and family separations makes for great visual and sound bites. Trump will forever be tied to caged children and family separations.

But the issue of immigration goes much deeper than caged children, border security, immigrant surges and family separations. All those issues, including the other immigration problems can be traced to the fact that the U.S. immigration system is broken. Immigration laws are incoherent.

As long as the system is broken the problems will remain.

Biden, and to be fair most of the other candidates talk about the Dreamer and pathway to citizenship but few want to talk about the underlining problem – the broken system.

But for Joe Biden, the issue is much more important in that Biden has a record betraying his true feelings about immigrants.

The little dirty secret that few Democrats want to talk about is that Barack Obama remains the president that deported more immigrants than any other president, including Donald Trump.

Joe Biden was Obama’s vice-president and in the position to lobby for the immigrants. He did not. We know this because when he was challenged on Wednesday night at the CNN debates, Biden told us he did nothing to stop the deportations.

Also when challenged on decriminalizing illegal border crossing, which Julián Castro advocates for, Biden refused to support it. Biden wants to keep the system that puts children in cages and separates families in place.

In other words, Biden is using the imagery of caged children and the Dreamers to score votes because Donald Trump is the poster child of putting children in cages. But they are words only.

Joe Biden is not a friend to immigrants.

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  1. Creepy hands Biden is the darling of the establishment Democrats and their “liberal” MSM oracles. Over at Jacobin Branko Marcetic has written an interesting article –Joe Biden, Anti-Immigrant Enabler.

    So if Biden is done for, who stands to inherit his financiers?


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