Donald Trump Is To Blame For El Paso

On Saturday at least 20 people were murdered by a terrorist. The terrorist drove over nine miles from his home city to a city on the border made up of over 80% American Hispanics. Clearly the terrorist was targeting Hispanics. Why?

The debate has centered around gun control, which is an important discussion to have. However, the discussion needs to include motivation. Specifically, what motivates someone to target and kill people. Many of us do not understand that type of motivation. But we all harbor dark thoughts and mostly keep them to ourselves, until someone tells us it is OK to act on our dark thoughts.

The motivation to target people to kill was tacitly approved by hateful language.

Why told the killer it was OK to kill?

That would be Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been telling the country that asylum seekers are dangerous. Trump has told the nation that Mexican “rapists” are dangerous to the country. Trump also said that immigrants are dangerous as well.

El Paso was largely unknown in national politics until Donald Trump put a target on the brown people of El Paso when he demonized asylum seekers congregated in El Paso.

A killer who likely harbored thoughts of evil for some time suddenly heard that it was OK to act out of hate and kill brown people and immigrants. The killer drove over nine hours to kill the people that Donald Trump has spent his time in office demonizing.

Yes, a gun was used to kill. But who motivated the killer to kill? That was Donald Trump.

Ignoring the part Donald Trump played in the murder of 20+ plus people does nothing to stop the American domestic killers from doing it again.

Label it for what it is – domestic terrorists.

Tell it like it is – Donald Trump has made killing dark-skinned U.S. citizens an acceptable thought to have.