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Impeach Donald Trump

A few days ago, (link) I posted that the Donald Trump Campaign did not like my use of “Make America Great Again” slogan for an impeach Trump t-shirt I was selling. So, they forced my t-shirt provider to take it down. Instead of fighting the complaint, I decided to use my creativity and made two new versions of the t-shirt/bumper sticker design. (Order one here.) Now, things have changed again.

Unless you are living under a rock you likely know that the Democrats in the House have opened an impeachment inquiry. Yes, I know that it may not lead to an actual impeachment. I also understand that the Republicans at the Senate will likely stymie any impeachment votes. I also know that an inquiry does not mean anything at this point.

What I do know is that official talk of impeachment is now a reality.

How far will it get? God only knows.

There is so much spin on both sides that me adding more spin will do no one any good.

But since impeachment is now the talk in Washington and in political circles, I decided to bring back the t-shirt bumper sticker design that the Trump Campaign wants me to take down.

Rather than sell it, I’m giving it away for free.

Here three versions:

1. Bumper sticker. (click here to download)

2. T-shirt. (click here to download)

3. Printable. (click here to download)

4. Social Media shareable graphic. (click here to download)

Or, you can just right-hand click here to download it:

Download the version(s) you want and take the file to your local t-shirt or decal shop and have them print it. I have designed the format so that any printer can take it and print it directly on their machines.

In the rare instance that a printer requires another format, just let me know in the comments section below what format is needed and I will add it.

It would make my happy to see a “Make America Great Again – Impeach” Trump bumper sticker or t-shirt when out and about. Better yet, print yours and share it on social media. Also feel free to send your friends a link to the graphics so that they can get their own.


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