The Ball Is In The Democrats’ Court

We are now on the road to impeachment. There is no wiggle room. There are only two possible outcomes, either the House sends Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for action, or everything fizzles out. Obviously, there is a lot of spin about what it all means. But the country is way past whether impeachment is an option. We are now on the road to impeachment. Why?

It is simple. The Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. At this point they cannot pretend that an impeachment inquiry would just fizzle away.

The Democrats and Donald Trump are in a fight for their political futures. If Articles of Impeachment are not adopted by the House the result will be that the Democrats will lose the House in 2020, likely lose seats at the Senate and Donald Trump will get a second term.

For the Democrats to survive the 2020 elections, Articles of Impeachment must be adopted by the House.

Now that gets us to the Republicans, the enigma at this point. The easy answer is that the GOP will not allow the Article of Impeachment to be voted upon and thus they are dead on arrival. That assumes that the Republicans are protecting Donald Trump.

That is not what the Republicans are doing even if it looks like it is.

What the Republicans are doing is gaming the system for the 2020 elections.

Right now, it makes strategic sense to back the idea that the Democrats are crazy. There is no “smoking gun” that most U.S. voters would accept as proof that Donald Trump is corrupt. There is evidence but it lacks proof that a voter can get and understand in a sound bite.

The spin is that the Democrats are crazy, and that Trump is a victim. Like it or not, that is the spin.

But not all is lost.

Because the Democrats are facing repercussions that could derail their 2020 ambitions it can be expected that the Articles of Impeachment will be as damning as possible. This brings us back to the enigma that is the Republican caucus.

Will they run from Trump, or will they circle the wagons and kill the impeachment at the Senate?

It all depends on what is politically expedient for the Republicans.

That depends on what the Democrats dig up and document in their Articles of Impeachment.

If the articles are innuendos without proof, the Republicans will circle the wagons. However, if the Democrats provide documented proof of wrongdoing, the Republicans will have no choice but to run for cover.

The Democrats know that something short of proof that Donald Trump is guilty of corruption – whether he is removed from office, or not – means that the Democrats have lost 2020.

Thus, Donald Trump’s reelection is squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats.