I Am Now N4MEX

Frequent readers know that I have started evolving the next phase of my life through what I have dubbed “adventum”. Adventum is a quest to create, build a workable mobile work space and to explore via overlanding. One of the things I wanted to add to my repertoire is to become a licensed Ham radio operator.

In October I became a licensed Ham radio operator.

There are several reasons why I wanted to operate on the amateur radio frequencies. Part of it was to add to my license collection. Another was to explore another form of communication. But I also wanted to add to my family’s preparedness capabilities. Not only because of hurricanes but also because of our off-grid adventures. Being able to communicate under different circumstances is important.

So now I can also be found on the airwaves.

My call sign is N4MEX. (Yup, I did that on purpose.)

I usually monitor the East Coast Reflector. I also monitor 446.000MHz when I am on the road.

If you want a QSL card from me, look for me on the air.

Now that I am Ham licensed, I need to dust off the Morse Code cobwebs and practice my coding speed.

2 thoughts on “I Am Now N4MEX

  1. Watch out, they wanted to tear down the ham radio repeaters & towers in CA. They declared ham radio is no longer a benefit. Your beloved blue state didn’t want the public to know they can be independent of government. Source: RadioReference(.)com ARRL

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