Merry Christmas 2019

I just want to take this opportunity to wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas if you are a Christian and if not, wish you the very best celebration of the season in which ever way you celebrate. I also want to thank you for taking the time to read my musings this year.

I appreciate your continued support.

I am going to take this week off and spend some time with my family and take a breather from politics. It has been a trying year and I need a little break.

We are off on our next Adventum adventure in our Border Bandit rig so we will be off grid again.

Enjoy these Cagle cartoons in the meantime:

Just in case you reached the end of this post, here is a little tease on a new and super exciting project that I am launching in 2020. I will offer you more details in the coming days.

Rest assured that I have a RumpToons cartoon scheduled for December 29 and new blog posts in the works. See you then.

In the meantime may you and your families be blessed.

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