Let The Games Begin – Donald Trump Pardons Susan B Anthony

Donald Trump clearly knows he is facing a losing battle for a second term. Yesterday, he announced that he is pardoning Susan B. Anthony for her 1872 arrest for voting. Anthony was convicted of casting an illegal vote by casting a vote before women were allowed to vote. The irony of pardoning someone for voting illegally is likely lost in Trump.

The issue of women’s suffrage is immaterial to Trump’s latest ploy. The fact is that the pardon is nothing more than an attempt by Trump to distract from his pandemic failures going into the election.

Pardoning Susan B. Anthony is nothing more than a distraction for election points.

Because the pardon is a distraction for the election, supporters of Susan B. Anthony and women’s suffrage should be horrified at the pardon.

Not only is Trump trying to distract from his failures, but he is also trying to curry favor with women. Trump seems to now accept that he has alienated women voters.

The sad thing about the pardon is that the history of Susan B. Anthony has been sidelined by a parlor trick pardon by a political candidate that will do anything to win the election.

What did Susan B. Anthony stand for? What is she known for?

The answers to those questions are now lost in the fog of Trump’s politics for decades to come.

How sad is that?

Unfortunately, this latest example of Donald Trump’s abuse of the American people is just one other example added to the hundreds if not thousands of abusive things Trump has done to America.

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