What is EPN?

EPN is an evolution of my blogging activities that started around 2000 in El Paso, Texas/Cd. Juárez area. Since that time, I have been evolving my blog.

Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Martín Paredes, and I write analysis and commentary about the issues involving México, immigration, geopolitics and border dynamics.

I am citizen of México and I am currently living in the United States. I have traveled extensively within the U.S. and have lived in México, Europe and Latin America.

Through this blog, I offer you my insight into various issues consuming the national dialog on immigration, border security, México and the geopolitics between nation states.

For too long the national dialog on immigration and México has been driven by those with selfish public policy agendas. It is my opinion that the dialog is driven by those intent on imposing a nationalistic public policy on one side and those using the immigrant plight for political purposes on the other end of the debate.

Lost in between is the actual immigrants’ voice who remain largely silent on the national stage, quietly toiling away in the hopes of a better future.

I strongly believe that as Mexican immigrants, we must include our voices in the national debate. I may be one voice, but if I don’t speak up, who will? In time, I believe that other voices will rise up to join the discussion.

Through EPN, I will focus on the (E) economics of immigration/México, the (P) politics of the border and analyze the (N) news about the border, border security, immigration and the geopolitics between México and the United States.

I hope you will accept my invitation to explore my point of view on the issues about the border and immigration. You may not agree, but at least you get to see another point of view. I may make you angry or give you something to think about, but you are always invited to share your thoughts through the comments.

Original mission statements for this blog

The El Paso del Norte is the gateway to the rise of the Hispanic identity across the Americas. Through this blog I comment on the ongoing corruption saga going on in El Paso, Texas as well as sharing my perspective on issues such as immigration, the war on drugs and politics in general.

Although I firmly believe in the concept of citizen journalists and I still want to offer a platform for incubating citizen journalists it quickly became apparent that I ended up writing most of the articles and therefore decided to make it my personal blog on June 28, 2011. If the time comes when citizen journalists are looking for a platform then I will again consider incubating a platform for the endeavor.

In the meantime please enjoy my personal musings. Below is the original mission of the website.

Welcome to the El Paso News Organization (elpasonews.org) – a new resource for bold, inclusive, and hands-on journalism created for the community, by the community, or, better known as “citizen journalism.”  To this end, this website is designed to give citizen journalists, like you, a voice where you can take an active role in the reporting, analyzing and dissemination of news and information.

The concept for this new form of citizen or “street” journalism is that people, like YOU, can have the audacity to pick up a camera or put words to paper (or in this case to screen) using modern tools to produce your own news reports.  In addition to news aggregation from other outlets, we also want to give, YOU, the reader an opportunity to generate original stories about the news you care about.

All types of content — from stories to photos — are welcome.

Information about the El Paso Metro and El Paso Tribune archives.  (March 10, 2013)

Contrary to popular belief I was the first blogger in El Paso, Texas, before blogging was even a word. I launched The El Paso Politics website in March of 2000 in the hope of introducing the potential of the World Wide Web to El Paso businessmen. Having recently moved back from Europe I was in the process of expanding my business from Cd. Juárez into El Paso and was meeting resistance in the sense that the El Paso business community’s idea of being in the web meant having an AOL email account. In hopes of demonstrating the potential reach of the Internet I launched elpasopolitics.com to give each political candidate an opportunity to showcase their political platforms.

That first project evolved into the El Paso Metro, the El Paso Forum, the El Paso Tribune and ultimately the El Paso News Organization. Each of the platforms contributed to the political discourse of the city in their own unique way. Each has been a journey for everyone involved.

I have begun to add the original content of each of those projects as time permits under their own archives here on the site. Where available I have attributed each post to the original author. Each post is dated on the actual date of publication and is reproduced in its entirety. Not all posts reflect my personal opinion about a particular subject matter but I have always, and continue to believe that the only way we evolve is to listen and comprehend what others are saying. I may not agree with the point of view but I learn from it. That is why I have always offered a platform for anyone to express their opinion.

Commenting on El Paso News

My goal is to publish what you write, and I’ll make every attempt to do so. Unfortunately, there are some rules.

When you post your first comment and/or make a submission, I may review it. Assuming you’re not trying to start World War III, I will probably approve you as a commenter/contributor.

Once you’re approved, you have free rein on the site to say what you want, with a few exceptions. While I won’t delete comments just because they express a particular point of view, I do reserve the right to delete comments/submissions that, in my judgment:

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I rely on users to tell me when they think comments are abusive. If you feel that a particular comment is violating this policy or harming the community, please let me know.