Labor Day 2020

I wish you and your families a wonderful Labor Day 2020! I hope you enjoy these cartoons courtesy of Cagle Cartoons.

Take A Break From Corona

Let’s take a quick break from the doom and gloom of the Corona Virus pandemic. Today, I just want to share a few cartoons to, hopefully, bring a smile to your faces during these chaotic times. Enjoy these cartoons courtesy of Cagle Cartoons. I will return to my regularly scheduled posts tomorrow. Be safe!

When Mexicans Forced the Texas Rangers to Surrender

Many Americans remember the Alamo as the beginning of the Anglo take-over of land occupied by Mexicans. There is ongoing debate about what caused Texas to proclaim independence from México. Among the fiercely debated issue is the part that slavery played in the quest for independence. What is not debatable is that the Alamo led… Read More When Mexicans Forced the Texas Rangers to Surrender

Bitcoin Mania

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that there are two major news media talking points, the tax reform package about to be signed into law and Bitcoin mania. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency, or digital currency that exists as a mathematical (algorithm) equation that is processed via a computer device. Unlike the Dollar… Read More Bitcoin Mania

Rocket Man

These last few weeks have been really strange. I’ve seen a lot and have lived through a lot in my lifetime. To be sure, I’ve had an exciting life, especially when aircraft are involved. As a pilot, I try to live on a plan – knowing what’s going to happen between point A and point… Read More Rocket Man

The Battle for Puebla

All history is written from one perspective or another with the victor usually writing the narrative. In the case of The Battle for Puebla, we are dealing with the dynamic of defeatism in México, where history is propagandized for political purposes, and with marketing schemes appropriating history for commercialism. Somewhere in there is the truth — lost… Read More The Battle for Puebla