Bob Moore Quits, Or So He Says

As you all likely know, Bob Moore is leaving the El Paso Times next month. Moore says he is making way for reporters to stay on at the newspaper. But, I don’t believe so. As some of you likely know, my blog is the direct result of Bob Moore. Specifically, it is my belief that… Read More Bob Moore Quits, Or So He Says

Know My Place

I have written before and told my friends that I have never felt discriminated against because of the color of my skin or my nationality. That is not to say that I have not been discriminated against, but it was not because of the color of my skin. It was because of my language and… Read More Know My Place

The Tolbert Agenda

Today, I am faced with having to discard the post I had ready to go for today. Instead I am writing a new one because Jim Tolbert undeniably pulled off an unexpected win on Saturday. Tolbert is now the District 2 representative and depending on how quickly the City is able to move he may… Read More The Tolbert Agenda

El Paso Scandals

Over the years I have been developing an online data set of the various scandals that have plagued El Paso for decades. Much of it is corruption related. As I have written previously, the impetus for my blog is Bob Moore’s unethical practices, which happens to be the most important reason that corruption exists in… Read More El Paso Scandals

The Larry Romero Affair

On Monday, KVIA posted an eleven-minute interview with Larry Romero. I believe that this interview is the first time Romero has answered news media questions about the latest controversy surrounding him. The latest controversy is where he failed to disclose his previous business relationship with Estrada Hinojosa while pushing city officials to replace First Southwest… Read More The Larry Romero Affair

The El Paso Exodus

Of course, they are leaving! As you likely already know, Bloomberg reported on how El Paso leads the nation in residents abandoning the city for greener pastures. You also likely saw that Bob Moore’s newspaper mentioned the exodus as well. He had to because it was trending on social media. As is common with the… Read More The El Paso Exodus

Bob Moore, Veronica Escobar and Blood in the Water

Through many articles, I have written posts detailing Veronica Escobar’s responsibility for the El Paso Children’s Hospital. I have shown you how she has been involved from the very beginning with the process including supporting two individuals that had a direct hand in allocating taxpayer funds for the children’s hospital as well was driving it… Read More Bob Moore, Veronica Escobar and Blood in the Water