Nationalism Is Now The Future

It is with great sadness that I must now admit that the future is bleak with nationalism and xenophobia driving the political agendas of the major countries. Last week’s win by Boris Johnson make this crystal clear. For those that might not remember, Johnson was one of the major architects behind Brexit. His recent campaign… Read More Nationalism Is Now The Future

Brexit and Websites – The World Is The Supply Chain

The issue with nationalistic populist politics about ending global interdependence is that the world’s supply chain is too integrated to simply quit global partnerships. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump is based on the fallacy that immigration is bad for countries and the global supply chains erode national sovereignty. They don’t, but if even… Read More Brexit and Websites – The World Is The Supply Chain

The BREXIT Failure

Before Donald Trump stormed into the oval office via a dissatisfied electorate that cares nothing about the repercussions because of their vote, there was BREXIT, Britain’s departure from the European Union. Much like Donald Trump, BREXIT was the product of inward-looking xenophobia by individuals afraid of cultural diversification. It was the political shenanigans of voter… Read More The BREXIT Failure