Peter Svarzbein’s Wall Moment

As many of you likely know I am against the Donald Trump wall. As you may also know, Peter Svarzbien has an agenda item (20.1) on today’s city council meeting asking for discussion and action prohibiting the City from awarding any contracts to any company that does work on the Trump Wall. On the surface,… Read More Peter Svarzbein’s Wall Moment

Jim Tolbert and the Art of Hypocrisy About Transparency

During city council’s discussion (item 33.1) last week about Cortney Niland asking that the city rescind its prohibition of electronic devices at the city dais during city council meetings, there was another elected official whose government transparency notions need to be scrutinized. As you know, Niland has told you that she will not follow the… Read More Jim Tolbert and the Art of Hypocrisy About Transparency

The Taylor Cortinas Saga

As you may know, there have been various rumors about Cortney Niland firing Jeremy Jordan and Claudia Ordaz firing Taylor Cortinas. Cortinas worked for Ordaz and Jordan worked for Niland. Both were fired last year within months of each other. During this time, David Karlsruher posted various blogs insinuating that there was a Watergate-type investigation… Read More The Taylor Cortinas Saga

Someone is Clearly Lying

As you likely know by now, Larry Romero submitted written responses to the Ross Fisher questionnaire on March 15, 2016. As with all controversies, it comes down to who is telling the truth. After reviewing Romero’s answers I looked to see what information, if any, I could independently verify. Official business should generate supporting documentation… Read More Someone is Clearly Lying

Outside Investigator Ross Fischer Looking Into Joyce Wilson

As most of you know, late last year, the El Paso city council contracted Ross Fischer to report on the various issues surrounding the aborted attempt to replace the financial advisors for the city. You also likely know that city council discussed Tommy Gonzalez in executive session yesterday. With all of the controversies surrounding Larry… Read More Outside Investigator Ross Fischer Looking Into Joyce Wilson

The 2015 Cover Up

As I wrote yesterday, if you are not looking closely you might be missing the ongoing cover up being perpetuated against you by some city officials. The most important scandal, the $22 million, is cleverly being hidden behind the “Luther Jonesing” of Larry Romero and of Tommy Gonzalez. “Luther Jonesing,” as I am using it… Read More The 2015 Cover Up

Claudia Ordaz Receives Instructions During City Council Meeting

Late last week, Ali Razavi, aka MaxPowers, published a set of text messages from Claudia Ordaz’ telephone. Razavi received them pursuant to an open records request he filed with the city. The over 100 pages of text messages gives us an unprecedented look into who is managing Claudia Ordaz for their own political gain. Unfortunately,… Read More Claudia Ordaz Receives Instructions During City Council Meeting

The F Factor

Those that have followed El Paso elections for any amount of time knows that the results for Saturday’s election has already been determined. No, it is not because someone manipulated the election results but rather because El Paso elections are generally determined during the early voting period. At about 7:00 pm on Saturday, when the… Read More The F Factor