Provincial El Paso Politics

El Paso politics never change. The El Paso politicos remain entrenched in the notion that they represent a growing and vibrant community able to compete with cities that the rest of the nation takes seriously. They remain oblivious to the reality that when people mention El Paso around the country, at most people in other… Read More Provincial El Paso Politics

The Taylor Cortinas Saga

As you may know, there have been various rumors about Cortney Niland firing Jeremy Jordan and Claudia Ordaz firing Taylor Cortinas. Cortinas worked for Ordaz and Jordan worked for Niland. Both were fired last year within months of each other. During this time, David Karlsruher posted various blogs insinuating that there was a Watergate-type investigation… Read More The Taylor Cortinas Saga

Blogging for Dollars

The more controversial the public agenda item the more the useful idiots expose their agendas in their attempts to control the public perception. The Tommy Gonzalez pay raise issue is one of those controversies that has two useful idiots tripping all over themselves trying very hard to garner attention from the politicians in hopes of… Read More Blogging for Dollars