Slavery Was A Necessary Evil Says Senator

And, there have it, the Band-Aid has been pulled off and it is time that Americans reconcile with the inconvenient truth that America was founded on the backs of slaves. The wound is open and oozing because some Americans continue to hold on to the façade of American exceptionalism. Today’s America is the culmination of… Read More Slavery Was A Necessary Evil Says Senator

America Was Built On The Backs of Minorities

America was built on the backs of minorities and not on White exceptionalism. The history books and the entertainment industry have created the illusion of a White America. Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison are among the faces that most Americans recognize because that has been the White Americans intent. Very… Read More America Was Built On The Backs of Minorities

Symbols Matter

There is much discussion across the nation about whether Confederate statues and symbolism belong in America. Those opposed to the Confederate iconography argue that they represent slavery in America and thus have no place in American society. They argue that the Confederate symbols glorify slavery. Supporters of the Confederate symbols, on the other hand, argue… Read More Symbols Matter

When Mexicans Forced the Texas Rangers to Surrender

Many Americans remember the Alamo as the beginning of the Anglo take-over of land occupied by Mexicans. There is ongoing debate about what caused Texas to proclaim independence from México. Among the fiercely debated issue is the part that slavery played in the quest for independence. What is not debatable is that the Alamo led… Read More When Mexicans Forced the Texas Rangers to Surrender

The Battle for Puebla

All history is written from one perspective or another with the victor usually writing the narrative. In the case of The Battle for Puebla, we are dealing with the dynamic of defeatism in México, where history is propagandized for political purposes, and with marketing schemes appropriating history for commercialism. Somewhere in there is the truth — lost… Read More The Battle for Puebla