Post-Covid-19 Job Crisis

As many readers likely know, the number of unemployed workers has approached the dismal numbers of the Great Depression. Although many workers believe that their jobs are still waiting for them, the reality is that those jobs are likely not there anymore. Even if the jobs remain, many workers will be shocked to learn that… Read More Post-Covid-19 Job Crisis


Bankruptcies Make Bodes Worse For Unemployment Numbers

As America nears the all-time high unemployment rate of 20% for May, the numerous bankruptcies indicate that unemployment is worse than most believe. Next week the unemployment numbers for May will be released. Many expect the rate to be over 20%. The problem with the unemployment numbers is that they count workers who qualify for… Read More Bankruptcies Make Bodes Worse For Unemployment Numbers

All Workers Are Essential Notwithstanding Government Orders

Typically, the government creates two standards of people, those it deems worthy and those it does not. This is the case in the legal system where those with money can buy themselves out of jail benefits and immigrants who are rounded up while at work while other immigrants who disrobe for magazines qualify for Einstein… Read More All Workers Are Essential Notwithstanding Government Orders

Reuters Report on Broken Immigration System

Yesterday we looked at an editorial by the Miami Herald editorial board arguing that the country needs immigrant labor, including undocumented workers. On Monday, Reuters published a report where the oil industry, the one that Donald Trump routinely touts as a “win” for his policies is unable to meet labor requirements because of the broken… Read More Reuters Report on Broken Immigration System

American-Made Car?

I just purchased a Jeep Wrangler. It is my first “American” car. You may have noticed the quotation marks around American. I purposely added them for two reasons. The first is that “American” designates the American continent. Although many U.S. citizens consider themselves American, they are, in fact U.S. citizens. There are still individuals that… Read More American-Made Car?

The Carrier Job Deal

Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign by demonizing México and Mexicans. Among the many disparaging remarks by Trump about México, was the notion that México was to blame for the loss of jobs in the country. Trump labelled NAFTA as the “worst” trade deal ever. Among Trump’s signature promises to the electorate was the promise… Read More The Carrier Job Deal

NAFTA and Jobs

One of the promises made by Donald Trump was that he was going to force the cancellation of NAFTA. Trump then soften his promise a bit by stating that he was going to renegotiate NAFTA. NAFTA, according to Trump, was a job killer. Trump argues that jobs would return to the country as soon as… Read More NAFTA and Jobs