The Robot Warriors Are Here

Most of us that watched the Terminator movies have likely wondered when will the killer robots come after us. A recent Pentagon test pitting a fighter pilot against an artificial intelligence shows us that combat robots are on the horizon. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) held a competition between eight artificial intelligence systems… Read More The Robot Warriors Are Here

Venezuela, Border Security and SOUTHCOM Posture

It’s an “invasion” they proclaim as Donald Trump fans the flame of hate through his border security narrative. Fox News has reporters reporting on the “dangerous” border almost every night. The United States is under siege blare the Alt-Right talking heads. The military needs to be deployed henceforth they all collectively proclaim arguing that the… Read More Venezuela, Border Security and SOUTHCOM Posture

U.S. Border Military Deployments

Shortly before the Midterms, Donald Trump ordered the U.S. military to the border in response to the “invaders” heading to America. Many, including some Republicans, have called the military deployment a “stunt”. The so-called “invaders” – migrants in a caravan trekking through México – didn’t make it to the border until after the Midterms. Even… Read More U.S. Border Military Deployments

The Mexican Tigers

The era of the supersonic fighters arrived in México in 1982 in the form of the new Defense Squadron 401 composed of a dozen Northrup F5 Tiger II’s: ten F5e single-seat and two F5f, dual-seat fighter jets. The new fighters were not the first jets in México’s arsenal but they were the first supersonic interceptors.… Read More The Mexican Tigers