Understanding the Lopez Obrador Lovefest With Donald Trump

Many political observers are scratching their heads as to why Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) wants to meet with Donald Trump as his first government to government meeting outside of México. López Obrador has refused to travel abroad during his presidency insisting on holding virtual meetings as he keeps to his promise of austerity measures.… Read More Understanding the Lopez Obrador Lovefest With Donald Trump

Understanding the Mexican Worker to Understand NAFTA/USMCA

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is back in the news this week. The USMCA is NAFTA 2.0. NAFTA is often blamed as the reason why poverty has exacerbated in México. In 1991, I published a white paper on NAFTA; “North American Free Trade Agreement – A Hesitant Handshake Between Neighbors”. (link) This paper was the… Read More Understanding the Mexican Worker to Understand NAFTA/USMCA

American-Made Car?

I just purchased a Jeep Wrangler. It is my first “American” car. You may have noticed the quotation marks around American. I purposely added them for two reasons. The first is that “American” designates the American continent. Although many U.S. citizens consider themselves American, they are, in fact U.S. citizens. There are still individuals that… Read More American-Made Car?

Donald Trump Breaks NAFTA Promise to His Base

In announcing the new free trade agreement; the United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA), Donald Trump tried to disguise it as “it’s not Nafta redone, it’s a brand-new deal.” The fact is that the USMCA is NAFTA 2.0. Like “Mexico will pay for the wall,” the promise by Trump to end NAFTA is also just another undelivered promise… Read More Donald Trump Breaks NAFTA Promise to His Base

The Mexican Military Industrial Complex

Looking at the aerospace industry in México yesterday, we saw how México is growing its aerospace manufacturing prowess through strategic partnerships with manufacturers. We also noted how the Mexican military has embarked on the plan to reduce its military reliance on foreign equipment. The annual budget for the Mexican defense budget is expected to continue… Read More The Mexican Military Industrial Complex

The Mexico Factor

As you all likely know, Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign by denigrating México, Mexicans and immigrants. Trump called NAFTA the “worst deal” ever. Donald Trump consistently threatened to scrap NAFTA. Throughout the political rhetoric, renegotiating NAFTA has been happening, often in the background and sometimes out in the open. But things have changed in… Read More The Mexico Factor

Mexico Chose Whiskey to Make A Point

México is fighting the México-U.S. Trade War intelligently by making sure the American worker understands how Trump’s attacks on Mexican trade will hurt them directly. When México imposed the 25% retaliatory tariff on whiskey, it strategically targeted the Republicans and Tennessee workers to make the point that Donald Trump’s trade sanctions will hurt American workers.… Read More Mexico Chose Whiskey to Make A Point

The Mexican Economy Post Donald Trump

There is now doubt that the Mexican economy is heavily dependent upon NAFTA. The Mexican economy was battered initially when Donald Trump threatened to withdraw from NAFTA. The latest round of the renegotiation meetings between the governments of Canada, México and the United States ended with Canada and México telling the Trump administration that they are… Read More The Mexican Economy Post Donald Trump

NAFTA Closer to Ending

On Tuesday, the Fourth Round of NAFTA negotiations concluded. Leading the U.S. delegation was United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. The Canadian delegation was led by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Mexican Secretary of the Economy, Ildefosno Guajardo led the Mexican delegation. The three ministers issued a joint statement stating that the concluded… Read More NAFTA Closer to Ending

Annotated January 27 Telephone Call Between Trump and Pena Nieto

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a White House transcription of a telephone call between Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto and Donald Trump on January 27, 2017. The telephone call happened seven days into Donald Trump’s administration. Below is the original telephone call transcription as published by the Washington Post. I have annotated my comments throughout… Read More Annotated January 27 Telephone Call Between Trump and Pena Nieto

NAFTA Negotiations

As you likely remember, Donald Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the worst trade deal the United States has entered. During his presidential campaign, Trump argued he was going to end NAFTA. After the election, he toned down his argument, instead now arguing that he would renegotiate NAFTA, and if need be,… Read More NAFTA Negotiations

Trump Bluffs on NAFTA

In late April, various rumors of a draft memorandum from the Donald Trump administration notifying Congress that the United States intended to withdraw from NAFTA began to appear. Then on April 27, 2017, Donald Trump told the nation that personal calls from the leaders of Canada and México convinced him to renegotiate NAFTA, rather than… Read More Trump Bluffs on NAFTA

The Common Market

Author’s note: This is part 2 of 3 The North American Common Market, outlined by the report, envisioned a marketplace with the “free movement across of the borders of all commodities, particularly oil and gas, but people as well.” The effort would strengthen the United States against oil manipulation by the Arab nations and protect… Read More The Common Market

Good Neighbor Policy

Author’s note: This is part 1 of 3 The United States will go to war for oil rang the headlines across México and much of the world throughout the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. On February 14, 1979, then-president Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, was set to meet with Mexican president José López Portillo. Both heads… Read More Good Neighbor Policy

NAFTA: Introduction to “It is more than avocados, beer and cars”

There is a general misunderstanding about the trade of manufactured products between México and the United States. Much of the misconception comes from the notion that Mexico’s economy has not matured to the level that it has. Global trade is a complex issue involving many moving and dynamic pieces that goes beyond simply moving car… Read More NAFTA: Introduction to “It is more than avocados, beer and cars”

El Paso Politics

It seems that some readers of the blog are wondering if I am going to go back to writing about El Paso politics. My interest has always been about border politics, of which El Paso plays a major role. I started commenting about border politics because of the general notion that México is corrupt and… Read More El Paso Politics