The RBG Voter Factor

Readers are likely aware that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died this weekend. RGB, as she is colloquially referred to has been a factor for the upcoming November elections. However, on her passing, RBG will likely play a larger role in the election. Political pundits and legal scholars are discussing the how and the… Read More The RBG Voter Factor

Russia Is Not The Only Campaign Disinformation Purveyor

Campaign disinformation troll houses have become synonymous with Russia. There is no doubt that Russia is interfering in the 2020 elections. But there are other players playing in the social media arena who are also trying to manipulate elections in other countries. Some of them are American. Social media platforms have become voter outreach centers… Read More Russia Is Not The Only Campaign Disinformation Purveyor

Congress Devastates Economy Further

Congress is in its summer recess while the American economy faces further devastation. Covid-19 has devastated the American economy with the closure of businesses resulting in the worst unemployment rates since the Great Depression. Without workers churning out products and services the American economy falters in place. The problem – in its simplest terms –… Read More Congress Devastates Economy Further

Democratic Party Delegate Race Heats Up

The Democratic Party delegate race heated up Saturday night when Joe Biden scored all the delegates up for grabs that night. Biden’s decisive win in South Carolina shows that the Democratic nominee will be selected by traditional party politics. Much has been made about Bernie Sander’s “revolution” and Pete Buttigieg’s emergence as the unlikely candidate… Read More Democratic Party Delegate Race Heats Up

American Corruption – Smollett and Avenatti Style

Whenever I bring up México in any debate the issue of corruption becomes the center of the discussion. Americans tend to believe that only other countries or governments are corrupt forgetting that Americans are just as corrupt. While Donald Trump and his supporters bask in the belief that Trump was “exonerated” the examples of corruption… Read More American Corruption – Smollett and Avenatti Style