Peter Svarzbein’s Wall Moment

As many of you likely know I am against the Donald Trump wall. As you may also know, Peter Svarzbien has an agenda item (20.1) on today’s city council meeting asking for discussion and action prohibiting the City from awarding any contracts to any company that does work on the Trump Wall. On the surface,… Read More Peter Svarzbein’s Wall Moment

Where Was Peter Svarzbein

Peter Svarzbein recently organized a “discussion round table” around the movie Sicario in the mistaken belief that a city is defined by a Hollywood movie. Most of us understand that Svarzbein’s movie pontification was nothing more than political grandstanding. It was an attempt to massage a message that Svarzbein is desperately trying to manufacture as… Read More Where Was Peter Svarzbein

City Council Has An Opportunity to Clear Up Issues Today

City council is scheduled to discuss agenda item number: 19.1 that was postponed last week. The item, “Clarification of ethics rules/ordinances, including clarification on Council’s ability to interact with employees without violating ethics rules” was posted by Michiel Noe. It was originally scheduled for last week’s meeting, immediately after Claudia Ordaz’ emails were made public… Read More City Council Has An Opportunity to Clear Up Issues Today