Trump Deploys Border Patrol Against Citizens

There is rising controversy in Portland, Oregon where U.S. citizens are being detained by law enforcement in unmarked vehicles and little to no insignia on their uniforms. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has admitted to being one of the agencies involved in arresting protesters in Oregon. According to CBP’s website, its function is to… Read More Trump Deploys Border Patrol Against Citizens

America Was Built On The Backs of Minorities

America was built on the backs of minorities and not on White exceptionalism. The history books and the entertainment industry have created the illusion of a White America. Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison are among the faces that most Americans recognize because that has been the White Americans intent. Very… Read More America Was Built On The Backs of Minorities

Symbols Matter

There is much discussion across the nation about whether Confederate statues and symbolism belong in America. Those opposed to the Confederate iconography argue that they represent slavery in America and thus have no place in American society. They argue that the Confederate symbols glorify slavery. Supporters of the Confederate symbols, on the other hand, argue… Read More Symbols Matter

American Riots

The first sign that a dictator is losing his grip on his nation is when he deploys the military to hold the line. North Korea has its military on the streets. Iran has its military patrolling their streets. In countries where the people want a change in their government, the military is deployed to the… Read More American Riots