My Two Cents About the Veronica Escobar Win

In the political circles of El Paso the likely topic of discussion yesterday and today is the Veronica Escobar win, more specifically the void in professional campaign consultants in the city. I’m no different, so I’m going to weigh in about the lack of strategy within the Dori Fenenbock campaign and Norma Chavez’ inability to… Read More My Two Cents About the Veronica Escobar Win

The F Factor

Those that have followed El Paso elections for any amount of time knows that the results for Saturday’s election has already been determined. No, it is not because someone manipulated the election results but rather because El Paso elections are generally determined during the early voting period. At about 7:00 pm on Saturday, when the… Read More The F Factor

Tell Me Who You Hang Out With and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Dime con quién andas y te diré quien eres is an old Mexican proverb. Basically it states that those you choose to frequent with reveal who you truly are. Criminal conspiracy investigations normally include a matrix of who the connections are between individuals in order to see how the criminal enterprise is structured. Those who… Read More Tell Me Who You Hang Out With and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Who is The Forma Group?

Reviewing Steve Ortega’s campaign finance reports I noticed that Steve Ortega has paid a company named The Forma Group almost $200,000 since 2012. So who is The Forma Group I pondered. As with everything political in El Paso tracking down information about political linkages is like searching for the ever illusive winning lottery ticket, you… Read More Who is The Forma Group?