The Tommy Gonzalez Letters of Reprimand

As you all know by now, the City of El Paso Ethics Commission issued two letters of reprimand to Tommy Gonzalez, the city manager. Both letters were issued on June 3, 2016, two days after the ethics commission held a hearing into the allegations made by Jim Tolbert against Gonzalez. There has been some comment… Read More The Tommy Gonzalez Letters of Reprimand

Ethics Commission Must Continue Investigation Into Larry Romero

As you know by now, Larry Romero apparently resigned last Friday. The El Paso Times reported the resignation via Oscar Leeser’s office. According to the newspaper, the resignation is effective last Sunday, February 7, 2016. KFOX and KTSM quoted unnamed sources at the city as the source of the resignation. KVIA was unable to confirm… Read More Ethics Commission Must Continue Investigation Into Larry Romero

Outside Investigator Ross Fischer Looking Into Joyce Wilson

As most of you know, late last year, the El Paso city council contracted Ross Fischer to report on the various issues surrounding the aborted attempt to replace the financial advisors for the city. You also likely know that city council discussed Tommy Gonzalez in executive session yesterday. With all of the controversies surrounding Larry… Read More Outside Investigator Ross Fischer Looking Into Joyce Wilson

The 2015 Cover Up

As I wrote yesterday, if you are not looking closely you might be missing the ongoing cover up being perpetuated against you by some city officials. The most important scandal, the $22 million, is cleverly being hidden behind the “Luther Jonesing” of Larry Romero and of Tommy Gonzalez. “Luther Jonesing,” as I am using it… Read More The 2015 Cover Up

The Larry Romero Affair

On Monday, KVIA posted an eleven-minute interview with Larry Romero. I believe that this interview is the first time Romero has answered news media questions about the latest controversy surrounding him. The latest controversy is where he failed to disclose his previous business relationship with Estrada Hinojosa while pushing city officials to replace First Southwest… Read More The Larry Romero Affair

Blogging for Dollars

The more controversial the public agenda item the more the useful idiots expose their agendas in their attempts to control the public perception. The Tommy Gonzalez pay raise issue is one of those controversies that has two useful idiots tripping all over themselves trying very hard to garner attention from the politicians in hopes of… Read More Blogging for Dollars