Thousands Of Federal Employees To Lose Jobs Over War On Immigrants

Donald Trump recently further restricted immigration to the United States ostensibly to protect American jobs. Most anti-immigrants argue that immigrants are a drain on the U.S. taxpayers, American resources and add to America’s lowered wages. Trump has waged a war on immigrants and his immigrant bashing is about to cost American jobs. With unemployment rates… Read More Thousands Of Federal Employees To Lose Jobs Over War On Immigrants

Border Patrol Has Evolved Into Trump’s Shock Troops

When I first created the poster, Donald Trump’s Deportation Force in 2015 many individuals criticized it as an exaggeration. Although some saw Trump’s hatred of immigrants worrisome they nonetheless felt that America would push back. To equate the Border Patrol as a Deportation Force they argued was too much. Fast forward to today and the… Read More Border Patrol Has Evolved Into Trump’s Shock Troops

The Trump Xenophobic Immigration Plan

Donald Trump unveiled his immigration plan last week. The Trump immigration plant is a “white only” immigration plan. It is designed to encourage “white” immigrants and discourage dark-skinned people from coming to America. Why is it a “white” only immigration policy? There are three reasons. Donald Trump’s immigration plan envisions a “merit-based” immigration policy that… Read More The Trump Xenophobic Immigration Plan

Unity, Not

Last night, Donald Trump argued for “unity” at the State of the Union Address. Did he lead by example? What do you think? It is Donald Trump, so the answer is that nothing has changed. Intermixed within platitudes of America’s greatness, Donald Trump lied about, or exaggerated his administration’s successes. He tried his best to… Read More Unity, Not

MAGA Violence

The real danger to America is “right-wing extremism” and recent American violence supports that notion. While Donald Trump and cohorts spend their time demonizing immigrants south of the border, the real danger lies in home-grown American terrorists. A June 21, 2017 investigation of terrorism in America by The Investigative Fund clearly demonstrates that true homegrown… Read More MAGA Violence